Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting to the other side.....

There hasn't been any sewing going on lately which I'm not very happy about but it was a choice I had to make. You see, I'd been shirking my study responsibilities because of said sewing and fallen way behind. I hadn't done particularly well in the assignments so the pressure was really on for the exam. But I'm pleased to announce that the aforementioned exam is over and it went pretty well and therefore the self imposed sewing ban has now been lifted. I've taken this next study period off so I don't have to launch straight into (or to choose to ignore depending on which way you approach it) a fresh text book. But I did have to go interstate the very same day of my exam for work and spent all of yesterday working from start to finish to hop on an evening flight home. So up until now I still haven't had a chance to fire up the Husqvana or caress any fabric. But that should all change tonight with our weekly Sew & Sew's catch up.
The photo I've used for this blog post makes me laugh. As I was trying to negotiate myself back to Sydney airport yesterday afternoon, I found myself ON the harbour bridge instead of taking the underpass. It's such a spectacular bridge so I reached across to my bag, grabbed my camera, opened it one handed, pointed and shot. Now I wouldn't recommend the technique whilst driving over the harbour bridge but when I finally sat down at the airport to look at it I thought it was a pretty good shot. Sometimes you just have to do things and it all works out OK.

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