Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet baby marmalade

This is a little quilt that had been on the no-go pile for a couple of weeks. I had it cut, pieced and basted before the self imposed hiatus. Being small it was a great project to pick up and finish.
It's made of the orange and green strips from my Sweet jelly rolls (I had 2 sets) and measures around 1m x 1.2m. Looking at it now I realise that I should have walked away after I laid them out and had another look. I've ended up with all the birds in one corner. I remember at the time trying to mix up one of the other patterns and this was the result. Oh well....I'm sure the recipient won't notice.
The binding uses the last of the green strips - polka dots, stripes and flowers and it's quilted in free motion stipple.
Baby Hunter is the new baby of one of Joe's work colleagues. I've popped his initial on the back....I'm glad his name had a straight letter instead of an 'O' or an 'S' or a 'U'!

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  1. Such a beautiful has such quietness about it. Simply gorgeous!