Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time for a payback.....

A little over 13 years ago, my dear friend Leonora presented me with the most beautiful quilt celebrating R's arrival. A hand quilted cot quilt featuring a star pattern in pastel colours. At the time I was honoured that one of my friends had planned a gift that far ahead because the time involved in creating it was evident in the pattern, the piecing and the stitching. She had even embroidered a pink 'R' in the corner. And not only that, I knew Leonora had made two quilts as another of our friends was also having a baby roughly around the same time. (I ended up with a premmie baby, so poor Leonora must have really felt the pressure when R arrived 8 weeks earlier than her pre-determined date.) I remember receiving the quilt when I was quite overwhelmed with the whole 'having an premmie baby thing', wrapped in the hand made box that her husband Michael had crafted. It was a gorgeous thoughtful gift and it was practical. That little quilt lived on R's cot or on the floor when I needed something to pop baby down on the ground. It's been put carefully away for years now and it wasn't until today when I pulled it out to take a photo that I revisted those lovely memories.
However, they were always there because I think it was that little quilt that actually inspired me to take up quilting. So when Leonora's '0' birthday rolled around earlier this year....the first of our group.....I thought it was time for a payback!
Leonora and Mike were lucky enough to be overseas having high tea at the Ritz for her special day this year and even though we only live a few streets away it wasn't until today that we had a chance to catch up.
Her payback present was a quilt featuring Amy Butler's Lotus collection and used Amy's Brickpath pattern. It looks fantastic in its new home! Happy '0' birthday Leonora and thanks so very much for the inspiration.

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  1. Such a sweet story! The best quilts are gifted quilts :)